The Talent Panel provides each school with the opportunity to further customize their Highered Global Job Board by uploading unique career resources. The resources are presented on the talent's platform to reference, view and download. 

Uploaded documents are only available to the school's users and can easily be categorized, tagged and managed on-demand.

Resources Video Tutorial

Uploading and managing Resources

  1. Select the Resource tab on the left side of your Talent Panel Menu Bar

  2. Select + Create New Folder

  3. Upload an Image relevant to this folder type. The image will be the tile image of the folder on the talent's job platform. 

  4. Provide the folder with a Title and brief Description

  5. Save and Upload

Upload relevant documentation and links to external web pages.

  1. Select Upload File OR Add Link to upload relevant content to this folder type. 

  2. As you upload files and links you will be asked to assign a title and brief description to each. 

  3. By selecting the Status you manage what files your talent is able to view on their platform. 

  4. Actions is always available for your to quickly edit the Title and Descriptions

View your Resources from the Talents perspective

  1. Select the Talent Platform tab on your menu bar

  2. Go to My Page

  3. At the top of My Page you will see Resources Folder appear. Click on Resources to view the folders and resources you have uploaded. 

Other Functionalities to Setup:
Job Ads
My Talent
Country Career Guides

Student Ambassador Progam

Virtual Fairs

Additional questions or support? Please connect with us using our chat functionality. 

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