Create, schedule and manage appointments with talent through the Talent Panel Solution. The appointment system utilizes the latest calendar technology to ensure seamless calendar synchronization. Appointments are assigned to a category, enabling the Careers department to report and analyze activity level per appointment category type. The appointment functionality supports one-to-one, one-to-many and scheduling on campus events. 

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Sync Your Calendar 

  1. Select the Appointment tab on the menu bar

  2. Select Manage Calendars 

  3. Manage your synced 

  4. Select the calendar provider you use for your office emails and follow the instructions to sync this calendar

  5. Once your Calendar has been successfully synced you can start to create appointment types. 

Create New Appointments

  1. Select Create New Appointment

  2. Complete the appointment form with the relevant information. 

  3. Note: Title is what the talent will see on their end. The Category is intended for reporting purposes. 

  4. Once all the information is inputted select SAVE

How does Talent book an appointment? 

  1. Go to you Highered Talent Platform

  2. Select My page

  3. You will see a tab appear labelled "Calendar"

  4. Talent will select the appointment type they wish to book

5. They will then select a day and time

6. The Career Advisor will receive a calendar invite as they normally do for other meetings and the talent will also receive a calendar invite.

Other Functionalities to Setup:
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My Talent
Country Career Guides

Additional questions or support? Please connect with us using our chat functionality. 

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