Step 1: Technical Setup - My Talent Setup

To get started we strongly encourage you to sync your talent's information with your Talent Panel. By doing so, you will be able to easily manage your Talent by running targeted filtered searches to extract the talent pool you wish to communicate with. You will also be able to access their CV to extract for CV Books. Login to your Talent Panel CMS and select My Talent to get started.

Uploading talent is not required. Another option is to send introdution communication with the link to your school's Highered platform and where they can access the platform in the future.



Increased Talent Engagement. By pre-uploading Talent into the system this provides them with a seamless login and account activation. Note: be clear to the talent that they have an account setup and the steps to login. Otherwise inform them of the school's platform and encourage them to create an account.

•  Additional Tracking and Insight. On a student/alumni level you will have access to  profile information, appointments/events attended and company/position engagement.

Ease of targeted messaging and communicating. The filtering functionality will allow you to run riltered searches to extract the talent you wish to communicate with about a specific positions, company presentation, event or other relevant career releated activities. In addition, if your talent is uploading their CV in their profile the career services department will have access to download the CV's for CV books.


Login to your Talent Panel and select My Talent - Upload Talent. There is a suggested template to upload found on the page.

Minimum fields required: First and last name, school email/personal email
Other suggested fields: Start date, graduation date, Current  Discipline of Study, Current Level of Education, Nationality, Gender, Languages, Working Authorization, Work Experience, Current Employer, Current Job Title, Seeking Work Status, Club/Organizations  

*GDPR compliant. If additional information is required please contact the Highered Technical Suport Team.  

This step is highly encouraged but can be skipped if necessary.  

What's next? 

Step 2: Technical Setup - Email Server Whitelist 

Congratulations, you have completed Step 1!
Read more about Step 2, Email Server Whitelist

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