Through your Highered Talent Panel you can access a Talent Analytics Dashboard, by clicking Analytics > School Analytics which allows you to find information on platform traffic, talent engagement, and activity. In what geographical regions is your talent searching for opportunities? Which recruiters and/or sectors do they engage with? What types of positions attract their attention? Benchmark with Talent analytics and gain deep insight in order to enable data-driven decisions. 

The report provides a 6 tabs comprehensive overview of your school-specific talent engagement. All information can be filtered by date and exported as you see fit.

Reports Include:

  • General Overview

  • Talent Demographics

  • Company Views

  • Applications

  • Positions

  • Assessments

Exporting results

Simply select on the three dots in the top right corner of the data you wish to export. Select Export data.

If you are seeking other information we encourage you to connect with us using the chat functionality! 

Other Functionalities to Setup:
Job Ads
My Talent
Country Career Guides

Additional questions or support? Please connect with us using our chat functionality. 

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