In order to reduce the administrative work in the Career Services department, Highered offers a self-posting functionality whereby schools can provide their unique Talent Panel link for their recruiters and alumni to post jobs directly and exclusively to their school's Highered Job Board. The jobs posted are approved by the school's talent panel administrators before they are presented to the users.

Watch a short tutorial to learn more and get started:


  1. Share with them your school's unique Talent Panel Link or the website where the link can be found.

  2. Communicate that they must create a profile.

  3. Once they have set up an account the only functionality they will have access to in the talent panel is Posting Jobs and internships to your school and managing their profile.

  4. Select create a job ad

  5. Enter the job description

  6. Submit for approval

  7. Upon approval from your team the job will be available for your students and alumni to apply.

Best Practices: 

Below is an example of how AMSIB presented it to their Alumni and Partners.

By selecting Click Here the user will be taken to where they will be asked to create an account and can easily post a position.  READ MORE

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