How your career department can post positions

Through your Highered Talent Panel you and your colleagues can access the self-posting functionality whereby your school's career departments can post positions directly and exclusively to your  Highered Global Job Board. 

Benefit: By doing so your student and alumni Highered platform becomes more than just a global job board but now can offer them local opportunities from your local company partners and/or alumni.

NOTE: In order to reduce the administrative work in the Career Services department, Highered offers an easy posting functionality so local recruiters and alumni can create an account and post opportunities directly to your talents page. To learn more click here. 

Watch the short tutorial to learn how and get started!

Post a new job opportunity

  1.  Select Job Ads from the Menu bar of your Talent Panel

  2. Click Create Job Ads

  3. Start by either choosing an existing company or entering new company profile information (include the company name, description and logo).

4.  After the company profile has been selected or setup start to enter the relevant information into the digital job description form.
5. Publishing Options: Enter the relevant URL that the Apply Now button will take the talent to in order to apply. If they are to apply via email enter the following: (Insert the unique email address after mailto:
6. Select Post a Job 

Easy as that! The position will now appear exclusively on your school's Highered page.

Other Functionalities to Setup:
My Talent
Country Career Guides

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