You now have the opportunity to look at the list of your students/alumni who are registered on the GetHighered platform and have verified their school email on your Talent Panel by using the “My Talent” functionality.

You can also upload your talent to the Highered Talent Panel by yourself so that our tech team can pre-verify them in order to make the procedures easier for your talent to utilize the resources and opportunities offered on the GetHighered platform. This will allow your Career Services team and internal colleagues, as well as Highered, to communicate effectively with them.

This new feature contributes favorably to an increase in talent engagement and satisfaction by facilitating and simplifying the procedures.

Upload Talent

How to upload

  1. Download the template, fill in the information accordingly and save it.

  2. Upload the saved file to the Talent Panel.

  3. You will receive a notification once the pre-verification of the talent uploaded is completed.

  4. The Highered team will send you a draft email for your approval informing your talent about their access to the GetHighered platform.

There are numerous benefits associated with uploading your talent to the Highered Talent Panel via the “My Talent” functionality.

Immediate benefits:

  • No signup or verification issues for students/alumni

  • Fewer procedures required to access the GetHighered platform

  • Assurance that only your institution’s talent can utilize your GetHighered platform

  • Effective communication

  • Increase in talent engagement and satisfaction

  • Access to relevant, up to date information and content

Long term benefits:

  • Reduction of workload for the Career Services team

  • Deeper analytics for talent engagement (coming soon)

  • Messaging System unlock (coming soon)

  • Easy event organization for your Career Services team

  • View of your talent’s engagement with opportunities

Find Talent

Once you have uploaded your talent or maybe you communicated to them that they have the opportunity to create an account you can then start to use the Find Talent features. With this functionality, you will be able to perform the following:

  • Download the list and filter accordingly.

  • Gain additional tracking and insight. On a student/alumni level you will have access to profile information.

  • Target talent resulting in an ease of targeted messaging and communication. The filtering functionality will allow you to run filtered searches to extract the talent you wish to communicate to about a specific position, company presentation, event, or other relevant career-related activities.

From the Upload Talent template provided as mentioned above (available for download), you will find the following fields:

Minimum fields required: First and last name, school/personal email

Other suggested fields: Start date, Graduation date, Current Discipline of Study, Current Level of Education, Nationality, Gender, Languages, Work Authorization, Work Experience, Current Employer, Current Job Title, Work Status, Clubs/Organizations

*GDPR compliant. If additional information is required please contact the Highered Technical Support Team.

CV Download

If you are interested in creating a CV book for your recruiters it is integrated into the system. It is important that you communicate to your students and alumni that they need to upload their CV into their profile on Highered. Otherwise, there will be no database of CVs for you to access. Assuming your students and alumni have uploaded their CV's you can use the Find Talent feature and then select download CV to obtain the targeted list of CVs.

For more information about My Talent please don’t hesitate to contact Bahargul Emin (

Other Functionalities to Setup:
Job Ads
Country Career Guides

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