Technical Setup - Easy Post Integration

Enable your local recruiters to post job opportunities directly and exclusively to your Career Platform to recruit your talent.

  1. Identify relevant webpages

  2. Add relevant content to the page about recruiting your talent

  3. Create a call to action. The link should be directed to your Talent Panel: 

Below is an example of how AMSIB presented it to their Alumni and Partners.

1. By selecting Click Here the user will be taken to where they will be asked to create an account and can easily post a position. 

2. Recruit Talent. By incorporating your unique link on your website alumni and local recruiters can post internships, graduate roles, events, competitions, thesis opportunities directly and exclusively to your Highered platform.

3. Recruiters can easily create an account by selecting Create New User 

4. Once the recruiters Talent Panel account is activated they will be limited to posting a position by selecting the green button: Post your Job here

4. Complete the online digital job description form 

5. Publishing Options: Alumni and recruiting partners will only have access to post to your Highered platform. You, as the admin will receive a notification when a position has been posted. At this time, login to your Talent Panel to review and approve the position. 

What's next? 

Congratulations you have finished the 4 Step Technical Integration Process. 

Now it is time to Activate the Talent Panel Functionalities. This is the fun part! 

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