In order to make the procedures more simple and efficient for your students and alumni to utilize your school’s GetHighered platform for internship and job opportunities, as well as access masterclasses, country guides and additional resources, we kindly request that your Career Services team review the following 5-step checklist and adjust any details as necessary.


  1. Talent upload

You can now easily upload your talent to the Highered Talent Panel so that our tech team can pre-verify them, facilitating their access to the resources and opportunities on the GetHighered platform. This will allow your Career Services team and internal colleagues, as well as Highered, to communicate effectively with your talent. Please read the “My Talent” article to learn more about the benefits of uploading your talent (also available in your Talent Panel’s support center). By doing so, you are able to skip numbers 3 and 4 below.

2. Updated version of logo, school/university name

Please check the way that your school name and logo appears on the GetHighered platform and communicate any changes immediately to

3. Email extension(s)

For the login, please check the email extension(s) for your institution which are available upon logging in to GetHighered and inform us if we need to add any additional extensions in order to make the platform accessible to your alumni and/or any additional student populations.

4. Do your alumni use a school email address?

If your alumni do not use a school email address (or any other student population for that matter), please upload your alumni or student lists to your Highered Talent Panel via the “My Talent” functionality, so that our tech team can pre-verify them, allowing for full access to the GetHighered platform despite using a personal email address.

5. Highered IP address allowed list

Please send the following information to your IT team in order to allow Highered IP addresses which will enable you and your talent to receive correspondence from the Highered team.

Please communicate the following to your IT Department:

Your school’s unique GetHighered platform link:

• Notify them that the verification email is sent from:

• DKIM: 'PASS' with the domain -

• IPs to allow:





This is absolutely essential. Please check with your IT department to ensure everything is functioning properly. Should they have any questions, feel free to reach out to

If any of the above is applicable for you, please contact us to set this up as soon as possible. The Highered Tech Team will need to have everything finalized by this date in order to ensure the proper functioning of the GetHighered platform for your talent

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