How to:

  • Invite your colleagues to Talent Panel

  • Give access to companies to schedule appointments

  • View Registered Talent

  • Update your Career Services booth

  • Schedule webinars

  • Chat settings

  • Video Settings

  • Analytics

Invite your colleagues to Talent Panel

It is now time to invite your colleagues to the Talent Panel. By granting them administrator access they will also have full control over the Virtual Event and other features available to further customize your GetHighered platform

  • Start by logging into your school’s Talent Panel and click on “User Management”

  • Using the dropdown box select the organization you wish to invite them to (Make sure it is your school)

  • Click “Add administrator”

  • Enter their email address

  • If your colleague has an account on GetHighered, please instruct them to login to the Talent Panel with the same username and password as they would on your school’s GetHighere platform.

  • If your colleague does not have a GetHighered account, click on “Create new account”

  • The system will send an automatic email to the new user with login instructions.

  • Once your colleague clicks on “Activate my account”, they will be redirected to your school’s Talent Panel to set a password and then login.

Did not receive the activation email? No problem, you can still go to the school’s Talent Panel and click on “ Lost Password” to reset your account password.

Give access to companies to schedule appointments and virtual interviews

If companies would like to conduct interviews with your talent during or after your Private Event, they can schedule their appointment directly through the Talent Panel. Your talent can see their availability via your school’s GetHighered Platform.

How to give them access to schedule their appointments

  • Login to your Talent Panel

  • Click “Appointment” functionality on the left-hand side

  • Sync your calendar first before you give access to others

  • Once your calendar is synced, you can see the option of “Manage Access”

  • Select the company name, enter the name the same way the virtual booth is created, then click “Give Access”.

  • If needed, you can take away the access by clicking “Remove access”.

View Registered Talent

  • Login to your school’s Talent Panel and click “Virtual Events” on the left-hand side

  • Select the Private Event that you are organizing

  • Click “ My Registered Talent” to see who pre-registered their interest, click “ Download List” and organize follow up email with details

Update Your Career Services Virtual Booth

  • Click on Virtual Events

  • Select your Private Virtual Event

  • Click on “My Virtual Booth” to edit your school’s Virtual Booth profile.

  • Start by completing your company/organization description. Upload your company/organization “Logo” and an attractive “Background Image”. Best image size is 960×540

  • Add links to your website, email, and important social media accounts to engage with talent more efficiently

  • Save all changes.

Schedule a webinar

  • Click on “Webinars” from your Virtual booth

  • Organize online webinars or presentations on “Webinars”. You can insert an external link to any platform you wish to use.

  • Save all changes.

Chat Setting

  • Click on “Chat Settings” to configure your chat profile, chat, and video chat with talent.

  • We recommend that you include your company/organization name in your title (e.g. Highered – CEO)

  • Make sure to select which organization you are representing.

  • Click “Go online” so that talent will reach out by going to your virtual space and clicking on your profile photo.

  • Click “Go to Chat” at the top to engage with talent during the event while you are online.

  • Enable “Desktop Notifications” to ensure that you are alerted to talent wishing to chat

Video Chat

  • Click on “Chat Settings” and “Go to Chat” to start a video chat with talent.

  • On the left side of the chat, select the talent you wish to video chat with.

  • Click on the green button above “Request [name] to video chat”

  • Click “Request permissions” to access your camera and microphone.

  • Click “Allow”

  • Once the talent has accepted the your invite to video chat, you will need to confirm to start the video call.

“End video chat” when finished.

NOTE Video chat is a paid service.


During your private event your Career Service department has access to live analytics via the Talent Panel. Please note that the data will be updating every three hours

  • Login to your Talent Panel

  • Click on the Analytics tab on the left hand side and choose Private Virtual Events -School

  • There are six tabs of detailed analytics, all of which can be downloaded.

Comprehensive Analytics include:

Login to your talent panel and locate the analytics tab. Here you will have a comprehensive overview of the Global Virtual Fair engagement and any private virtual events your school host.

  1. Overview

  2. Participants

  3. Applications

  4. Companies

  5. Webinars

  6. Chats

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