The information below is meant to support the careers department in communicating to students and alumni about how to register for upcoming virtual events. Feel free to copy the information and send it out in a school-branded format.

How to:

  • Login Instructions

  • Registration

  • Getting started

  • Upload your CV and profile information

  • Video Tutorial

New User Login Instructions for students and alumni

  • If this is your first time using the school’s GetHighered Platform and you don’t have an account, get started by logging in with an email, LinkedIn, WeChat, or Facebook.

  • School’s GetHighered Platform LINK:

  • In order to access the School’s Event, you need to verify your account with your school email. Click on the top right-hand side of the red symbol to verify

If you have already signed up before, directly log in with your username and password

Registration - School’s Private Event

  • Click on the “Virtual Events” tab on the top

  • Choose the school’s Private Event xxx, and click “Register”

  • When the event approaches, you will receive a follow-up email with details of the Virtual Event from the Career Services team of your school

Getting started

This is a great chance to introduce yourself to potential employers, meet with the recruiters and start applying to their opportunities, both local and international.

  • Visit the virtual booths of the companies/organizations

  • Attend live webinars/presentations organized by companies/organizations

  • Live chat and video interviews with recruiters

Upload your CV and Profile Information

  1. Upload your CV on the GetHighered platform under “My page”

  2. Update your profile under “My page”

Video Tutorial

The video link can be used in student and alumni communication. HERE

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