Dear Corporate Partner,

School Name is organizing the Event Title which will be held on date during the hours of time. The event will be in a virtual format and you will have the possibility to create your stand with your employer branding, post opportunities (i.e. jobs, internships, challenges, etc.), interact with students via private chat and organize presentations for groups of talent throughout the event, etc.

How to Reserve Your Booth?

Please confirm your attendance by replying to this email. We will send you an invite via the Highered Virtual Recruitment Platform and you will receive an email to activate your account from Highered Account Services.

Once you receive the activation email Click “Activate my account”, and then enter a new password in order to complete your account. Your username will be your email.

If you did not receive the activation email? No problem, you can still go to the school’s Talent Panel LINK here and click on “ Lost Password” to reset your account password.

Here is the “User Guide” for more information


  • Complete your Company/Organization Description

  • Upload a Logo and a Background Image

  • Add your website, email, and social media Links

  • Create Job ads (i.e. job opportunities, internships, challenges, etc.)

  • Organize online webinars or presentations on Events. You can link this to any platform you wish to use.

  • Configure your Chat Settings to go live and engage with talent. During the event, talent will reach out by going to your virtual space and clicking on your profile photo. We recommend including your company/organization name on your title (e.g. CEO - Highered), as well as a photo of yourself.

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