How to sync your calendar to interview virtually

Create, schedule, and manage appointments with talent.

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Sync Your Calendar

  1. Login to your Talent Panel account

  2. Select the “Appointment” tab on the menu bar.

  3. Select “Manage calendars” on the right-hand side and “Add calendar account”.

  4. Select the calendar provider you use for your office emails and follow the instructions to sync this calendar.

  5. Once your calendar has been successfully synced you can start to create appointment types.

Create New Appointments

  1. Select “Create New Appointment”.

  2. Complete the appointment form with the relevant information.

  3. The “Category” is intended for reporting purposes. Please select “Recruiter Interview”.

  4. IMPORTANT- “Insert Title field”: This is what the talent will see on their end. We strongly recommend using this naming convention: Company name (Recruiter name) Interview Subject. For example: Highered (Jane Doe) Finance Internship.

  5. Once all the information is input select “Save appointment”.

  6. Setup complete!

  7. Note: When talent books with you, you will receive a calendar invite into the calendar you have synced with the system. If there is further information you would like to request or share with the individual now you have the contact information and opportunity to do so.

Edit Appointments

Watch the video to learn more

  1. Go to the appointment that you created.

  2. Click “Edit”.

  3. Make any necessary changes.

  4. “Save appointment”.

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