We have a list of 7 key things we need from you. Collect all content step by step and send it directly to us through the web form at the bottom of this article!

1. Company Description - Who are you

  • Recommended maximum: 1,000 characters

2. Company Logo

  • Best size: 500x500 px

  • Best type of format: .png/.svg with a transparent background if possible

3. Company Banner

  • Best size: 1080x300 px

4. Corporate Profiles and locations

  • Multiple locations allowed

  • One corporate profile will be set up per country. Unless otherwise agreed.

  • Ability to present different articles/videos and corporate descriptions per country profile. If applicable please indicate the difference upon submission.

5. Links to videos - Employer Branding material

  • Multiple links allowed

  • Options:

    • YouTube Link

    • Mp4 File

    We download the video and upload it to the Highered platform

  • Thumbnail if any preference

  • Text:

    • Supporting text: we suggest a maximum of 300 character

  • External Link(s):

    • Hyperlinks to include:

    • Social Media Pages

    • Website

    • YouTube Channel

  • Video Expiration Dates

6. Links to articles (Multiple links allowed)

  • Article Title

  • Article Text:

    • Website link or document

    • Character Count: max. 1,800

  • Image: Size Specifications: 1140 x 641

  • Links:

    • Hyperlinks to include:

    • Social Media Pages

    • Website

    • YouTube Channel

  • Article Expiration Date, if applicable

7. Position Posting

The Highered team will be responsible for manually uploading the positions.

This can be done in two ways:

  1. Position by Position: You provide us with the URL to the position(s) you want us to post to the network.

  2. Company Career Page Link: You provide us with the URL to the Career pages and we monitor them and select relevant positions, if applicable.

Apply Button: We normally redirect the applications to the destination URL on your own company career pages if nothing else is agreed upon.

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