This feature is an add-on for 490€. We only have 60 webinar slots.

(0) webinar slots are available as of 15/03/2022. Here's what you can do:

  • Sign up for the waiting list. We will contact you when a webinar gets cancelled.

  • Register early for the October edition, and reserve the best webinar spot.

If you already have reserved a webinar, please follow the below steps to set it up!


Step 1:

  • Click on “Virtual Booth

  • Click "Edit" to access webinars

Step 2:

  • Click "Webinars"

  • Click "Create new webinar" and fill out the form with some of our tips:

    • Webinar title: Keep it short and catchy

    • Webinar description: Write about the topic(s) & speaker(s)

    • Webinar URL: Any external link (i.e. zoom, teams, meet, live stream)

    • Start & End: The time slot for the spot you reserved

    • Thumbnail: Photo of the speaker or company (size 1:1)

    • Background: Visually appealing to audience (size 617*232 px)

  • Save all changes

NOTE: Time zones are automatically controlled by your browser settings.

Choose the time in your local time zone when scheduling. Webinars will be presented to students and graduates in their local time zones.


If you need more help you can reach us through the chat or send an email to:

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