For the Fair, once you have proper access, you can easily invite your other colleagues to join the fair and connect with talent from the Highered platform.

Step 1:

Since you have access to your company’s virtual booth, you can invite your colleagues to the Talent Panel.

  • Start by logging in to your Talent Panel and click on “User Management”

  • Select organization to Manage (Make sure you are inviting the right person to right company)

Step 2:

Click “Add user” then click “Create new account”. The system will send an automatic email to new user with login instructions.

Note: If the email you are adding already in the system, it will not send any new email to the person, they just have to log in to the platform using same email and password. If they happen to have forgotten their password, they can simply reset the password by pressing "Lost password?" in the login page.

Step 3:

Once your colleagues receive the email and click “Activate my account", they will be redirected to your Talent Panel to change the password to login, the same way as you did.

If you need more help you can reach us through the chat or send an email to:

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